mardi, avril 13, 2010

new chapter, new blog

hi all, i'll be shifting to a new blog, for the next chapter of my life..

i would like to thank blogger for providing me with a such wonderful tool, and my friends and all of you who had supported and visited this blog..

please visit my new blog, and give comments generously ya? cheers!

mercredi, mars 24, 2010

I'm a High Green

came across this when i was reading a book.. it talked about how people differ in terms of communication styles and how to communicate and bring our the best in them..
there are 4 types in all, and we ourselves can discover which type are we in just by completing a short questionnaire.. this is the link: iMA Questionnaire
i'm a high green, as you can see from the bottom.. ;)

iMA High Green

iMA High Green - What colour are you ?

Tips on how to get to know me better

  • Be time disciplined
  • Be logical
  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful of rules
  • Be supportive of my thoughts
  • Be structured and well organised
  • Be precise

High Greens are:
  • Dependable
  • Independent
  • Organised
  • Analytical
  • Persistent
  • Detail oriented
  • Problem solvers
rather true, i like problem solving, that's why i like programming, until i started working as one!! lol.. not too sure about being organized - my table is always messy, 3 days after tidying it up!
take the questionnaire and discover more about yourselves and others! cheers

jeudi, février 11, 2010

test blog

this is a test blog to see if it can be linked to my google buzz..

with a video link to the clash of the titans trailer embedded below..

lundi, janvier 11, 2010

2010 resolutions

i have not really accomplished any resolutions in the past years since i was young.. as long as i can remember, i think i only managed to complete a couple of them..

but this year is different, because i am going to be a new me!! yes, a NEW me, so here are some highlights (in manner of importance) which i will set up to accomplish by 31st dec, 2010:

1) to complete my little still-secret project by 30th november (details of which would be revealed when more things are confirmed);
2) to pull off 25 chin-ups (yes, crazy; but no, attainable);
3) to put on a sustainable 5 kg (i'm rather underweight as of date); and
4) to read 12 books of my interest.

i put it up so that you can help me to monitor and remind me of my targets, if i started to in any way or another waiver off from my track..

anyway, just came back from gym training.. ran 2 rounds of 1.2km, and did some machine work.. i think i would sore tomorrow, but i'm still on my ict, so ample time to rest for another work-out tomorrow.. i would rest on wednesday to prep for ippt test on thursday morning..

my target: gold award and $400 as a reward.. not bad ya??
alright, to the bathroom now..

lundi, décembre 21, 2009

finally, the long awaited break, 2 weeks of it, after 12 weeks of coaching..

but i'm not resting as yet, with some stuffs lined up for this week:
1. barista workshop over 2 nights at highlander cafe;
2. 3-day first-aid course at st john's;
3. x'mas gathering on 25th;
4. rock-climbing the day after.

and at all other time, i will be researching on a small project, which for now, would be confidential..
it's a good time for me to rest and hope that my upper back have ample time to recover from the aches and sores and strains accumulated over the weeks, and years before that..

but today, i would just treat myself nice and go and watch ninja assassin at plaza singapura with my brother and our neighbour in about an hour's time..

so ciao!

dimanche, décembre 06, 2009

busy weekend

my in-laws were in town for the weekend, so we had booked a chalet for them at east coast park..

luckily i start work in the noon on friday, so i had the morning to help my wife to prepare the food for the bbq that evening.. we made fillings for cup crackers and honey mustard salad, which took us the whole morning.. i left for work while my wife met them at bukit batok to be picked up by her brother, who drove in from malaysia..

but it was not all that smooth sailing, he got lost while driving from bukit batok to east coast park and had to call me for directions.. all thanks to the internet, i was able to guide them using from balestier road, funny how they got to balestier from bukit batok, haha..

i got there rather late, so i got only the leftovers.. at least better than nothing.. at 10pm, things got interesting: it started with some loud bangs and shoutings, followed by lots of people running and chasing.. we thought it was a police exercise or something - i personally thought it was gang fight, but rather weird to hold it at a holiday chalet.. we saw some policemen guarding the chalet just two rooms from us, soon more and more plainclothes policemen came and the whole situation became rather tense.. we saw a lot of them going in sporadically but none were coming out, and the stand-off attracted more and more onlookers (we were among them, haha)..

nothing much progressed so we went back to sleep.. we found out the next day that it was in fact a police raid on an illegal gambling den just opposite our chalet!! around 43 people were arrested, and some 60 policemen were involved in the raid, most of them looked like they just finished their jc or poly.. it was quite hard for me to imagine so many people in such a small place..

anyway, on saturday, we were planning to go sentosa but was hampered by the sudden change in the weather, so we roamed around harbourfront before heading to the new ion, which alas, was not to their taste, which was actually a place where kids can have fun.. i thought they would be curious with the new place and everything, well at least my brother-in-law was interested in the design..

we had dinner at the whole earth in tanjong pagar, a thai and perankan vegetarian restaurant.. the food was not bad, but the servings were rather small for the price, and the service was rather passive.. we had to ask for our water and rice to be served up, and they served the food a tad too fast, so our tables were like overflooded with plates and bowls..

all in all, rather interesting weekend but very tiring.. well nothing beats seeing my in-laws enjoying themselves here, apart from the rain that dampered our spirits as they were really looking forward to it.. so, to the bed now!!

mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

let's make coffee

getting acquaintance with coffee making again..
yesterday was my first day of barista training at bon cafe.. yep, after a hiatus of five years, i've decided to go back to my calling, making coffee..
we were given a lively and practical introduction to the history of coffee, its origins and its taste, how it is been roasted and cupping, and also how the espresso machine and grinder work, and how to maintain it in its pristine condition, all by barista and trainer henry and master roaster eric..
too bad i had to leave halfway through the class, just after henry made us some espresso and lattes.. nonetheless, i will have another lesson next tuesday, again for half a day..
anyway, just an update: i'm going to work as a part-time barista at the soon-opening tom n toms cafe, located in icon village, somewhere in tanjong pagar.. it's a korean cafe, making its entry into singapore's f&b scene, with collaboration with lexicon pte ltd.. apart from coffee making, i would do pretzels too, which is something new and interesting, for a cafe, and for me too..
i missed the lesson today, so i have to make up for tomorrow.. and there's a test also!!

just side-tracking, my mom-in-law and my wife's sister and brother are all coming visit us this weekend, and we are going chalet at east coast park!! so it is going to be helluva weekend!! super busy, bouncing from work to training to joining them.. but i'm happy.. :)

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